Land Alliance seeks to see the poor empowered with land

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The Zambia Land Alliance (ZLA) says it is keen to see a Zambia in which the rural, peri urban and urban poor and the vulnerable have secured access, ownership and control over land for sustainable development.

ZLA Executive Director Nsama Chikolwa says land is an important aspect of many people’s livelihoods in Zambia, but notes that many people living both on customary and statutory land have continued to face a number of challenges every day.

Mrs. Chikolwa notes that currently most citizens have limited information on land rights and land laws or policies.

She adds that the current legislation including policies related to land in Zambia do not fully protect land holders and more specifically some vulnerable groups who are in many cases marginalized in terms of accessing and owning land.

Mrs Chikolwa states that through its past work on land rights in Zambia, the land alliance believes that the needs of the poor people include documentation of land rights to use as proof of ownership, information on land rights that is simplified and user friendly.

Mrs. Chikolwa notes that having a land administration system that is transparent and those involved in the land administration being accountable to the general citizenry would also help overcome the challenges that people are facing.