– Isoka district on fire!

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Isoka district on fire!

Isoka, July 31st, 2014, ZANIS —  Police in Isoka district of Muchinga fired tear gas canisters to quell down the riotous mob who wanted  a named local business man killed.

This was after a mob ran amok in the district for over four hours pulling down houses and burning vehicles allegedly belonging to a local businessman on suspected witch craft practice.

ZANIS new crew, which was on the ground, witnessed four houses being pulled down and burnt in Kawenga and Mwaiseni Township.

The  named business man  is suspected to have been behind a spate of ritual murder cases in the district.

According to sources who asked not to be named for fear of their own lives, the same businessman is suspected to have hired ‘ assassins ‘ to kill a number of  children in the area.


They added that the suspect was reported to have attempted to kidnap two pupils on their way to Masi school.

As a result, business came a stand still for almost four hours as the mob routed his shop that stocked fuel drums.

Three vehicles have been burn to ashes that comprise two cars, and one truck.

And by broadcast time police had managed to evacuate two 37 tonnes trucks and managed to safe guard the alleged businessman and family.