African Swine Fever breaks out in Chavuma

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The African swine fever disease has broken out in Chavuma and Zambezi districts of the North western province.

ZANIS in Chavuma reports that the Veterinary department in the province has meanwhile suspended the movement of pigs and pork products in the region with immediate effect.

The department which has not yet established the extent of the disease has also suspended the slaughtering of pigs as a control measure to contain the outbreak.

Provincial Veterinary officer Peter Banda confirmed the outbreak of the disease to ZANIS in Solwezi today.

Dr Banda said the samples that were taken to Lusaka for investigations have tested positive to swine fever.

Meanwhile, Chavuma District Commissioner Lawrence Kayumba says the situation was bad because people have been eating pork secretly and exchanging sick animals with maize.

Mr Kayumba said pigs have been dying in large numbers since 17th July when his office received reports from affected farmers that suspected swine fever had broken out in the area.

And Dr Banda said the affected areas in Chavuma district include Kalombo village while in Zambezi the areas are Boma, Mushonamushona, Chingalala and Musekelebwe.

Dr Banda said officers from the veterinary regional office are travelling to Chavuma and Zambezi districts today to assess the extent of the disease and also establish its source.