U-20 boxing coach Gunduzani resigns

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Under 20 National Boxing Coach Maybin Gunduzani has resigned from his position as coach for the young boxers with immediate effect.

Gunduzani says he has resigned from him position as Under 20 boxing coach but that he will continue to drill the Nkwazi boxers who are preparing for the national boxing championship.

Gunduzani has not explained his reasons for resigning but merely indicated that it was on principal.

He has since thanked the Zambia Boxing Federation for giving him the opportunity to drill the Under 20 boxers during his tenure.

Gunduzani announced his resignation to his colleagues on his latest facebook posting this afternoon.

“Sadly I have to tell you friends that with immediate effect I have decided to resign as under 20 national boxing coach on principal. Thanks goes to all those who supported me and who did not. Big ups to the ZBF for having given me the opportunity to drill the lads. I have been strong to reach this far and am still strong to continue with boxing issues at another level,” read Gunduzani posting on facebook.

Gunduzani’s last international assignment was in Botswana where he took the young boxing boys and girls for the Second African Youth games where two of his boxers minted bronze medals.