— President Sata directs Chiefs ministry to identify sites for palaces’ construction

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President Sata directs Chiefs ministry to identify sites for palaces’ construction

Rufunsa,July 27, 2014, ZANIS
—-  President Michael Sata has directed the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs to finalise the identification of  construction sites of  respective Chiefs’ palaces across the country.

And Chieftainess Shikabeta of the Soli speaking people of Rufunsa District in Lusaka Province has praised government for taking development to the area.

ZANIS reports that Ms. Kawandami disclosed that President Sata wants to see initial construction works of Chiefs’ Palaces begin as soon as logistical challenges are addressed.

President Sata says he has directed the Chief’s ministry to finalise the sites for the construction of palaces as soon as possible.


He said government will soon start with the initial construction of three palaces in each of the 10 provinces before rolling out the programme to all districts in the country.

ZANIS reports that the President said this in a speech read on his behalf by Chiefs and Traditional Affairs Deputy minister Susan Kawandami.


This was during the Nkombalyanga traditional ceremony of the Soli speaking people of Chieftainess Shikabeta of Rufunsa District in Lusaka Province yesterday.

And government  says it  considers traditional ceremonies as platforms for promoting social cohesion and national development among Zambians.


Ms. Kawandami says it was for this reason her ministry  has pledged to continue supporting traditional ceremonies as a way of promoting and enhancing the preservation of Zambia’s rich cultural heritage.

"I wish to reiterated that the Patriotic Front (P.F) government led by President Michael Chilufya Sata is committed to supporting traditional ceremonies across the country due to the nature of uniting Zambians”, she said.

Ms. Kawandami explained that traditional ceremonies play a pivotal role in ensuring there is cohesion, peace and harmony when people meet together.

She further explained that the policy of the government is to ensure that traditional leaders contribute meaningfully in building peace and stability across country.

"As you are aware, traditional leaders provides important leadership role in areas under their respective jurisdiction.

Meanwhile, Chieftainess Shikabeta of the Soli speaking people of Rufunsa District in Lusaka Province has praised government for taking development to her chiefdom which is still developed in Lusaka Province.

Speaking through a representative Agness Kalonga, Chieftainess Shikabeta said her chiefdom is receiving its fair share of development from government.

The traditional leaders noted that various ongoing developmental programmes in her chiefdom is testimony that the PF government values her subjects.

"We have noted that since 2011,the level of developmental projects have significantly increased hence this is a clear testimony of government’s resolve to accelerate development in my chiefdom", she noted.

Chieftainess Shikabeta pointed out that unlike previous governments that concentrated development along the line of rail, the PF government has shown commitment in sharing the national cake equally.

And speaking at the same ceremony, Lusaka Province Permanent Secretary Wamunyima Muawa has assured Zambians of unprecedented development under President Sate.

Mr. Muawa said the creation of Rufus as a district will enhance development in the area.

"You can all bear my witness that driving on this gravel road (T4) was a marvel after being worked on by the Rural Roads Unit (RRU).

He said government is opening up the area for food production and other agricultural activities to ensure that the local people live happier lives.

Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary Bright Nude, Rufus District Commissioner Paul Kaesong and other senior government officials attended the ceremony.

Others in attendance were Senior Chieftainess Nkomeshya Mukamambo II who is also House of Chiefs chairperson, Senior Chief Mburuma,Chief Mphuka,Chief Mboshya while Chief Mpanshya Kalumangwe II sent a representative.

Nkomba-Lyanga Traditional Ceremony is celebrated to mark the Soli People’s preparation of Granaries in readiness for the storage of the harvested crop.

The crops mainly include sorghum and maize which the Soli Indunas come together to initiate the brewing of traditional beer using grain from the previous harvest.


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