SHOPRITE Checkers has opened a superstore at Ndola’s Kafubu Mall at a cost of US$4 million.
SHOPRITE Checkers has opened a superstore at Ndola’s Kafubu Mall at a cost of US$4 million.

ENERGY Deputy Minister Charles Zulu has expressed concern over some business executives having maintained high retail prices of energy appliances despite the removal of duty on products.
The Government removed duty on energy appliances through statutory instrument number 32 and 33 on the importation of energy saving equipment with the hope of enhancing low prices of the products to save energy.
But Mr Zulu noted that the removal of duty had actually led to an increase in prices for energy equipment such as solar panels, water geysers and electricity generators.
The deputy minister was speaking in Livingstone on Friday during the launch of the Energy Week hosted by the Ministry of Mines and Energy Regulation Board (ERB).
“The Government is saddened by some selfish people who still have maintained high prices on these energy saving bulbs despite Governments removal of tax.
“Some selfish business executives who do not support Government have maintained high costs, I appeal to them to reduce the prices on these appliances,” Mr Zulu said.
The Government was investing in energy infrastructure both in power and petroleum sectors to mitigate the challenges of increasing energy demand.
In the power sector, the Government has facilitated the addition of 360 megawatts from Kariba North Bank Extension Power Plant and another 50 MW from the heavy fuel oil plant in Ndola.
Mr Zulu said the Government wanted the entire North-Western Province to be connected to the national electricity grid in the next 18 months.
Zesco southern regional manager Billy Nsontaulwa said more than 85 Mega Watts of power had been saved through the distribution of more than 1,620,000 Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFLs) since December 2011.

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