Govt happy with pupils performance in science, other fields

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—-Ministry of Education, Science, Vocational Training and Early Childhood Deputy Permanent Secretary, Christin Mayondi, says it is impressive that pupils are not only coming up with science projects but other fields as well.


Speaking at a school festival organised by Lusaka Horizon Primary and Secondary today, Ms Mayondi said arts and commercial subjects are also important aspects of education.


She said the new Ministry of Education curriculum, which has since being introduced by her ministry, emphasises on both the academic and vocational career path ways.


Ms Mayondi said school festivals are the highly commendable and innovative ways of learning as they accord pupils a chance to put what they learn in class into practice.


And Horison School Deputy Principal, Harry Masuwa, said the objective of the festival was to arouse interest in pupils by giving them an opportunity to conduct experiments in their respective subjects.