Clergyman cautions ‘overprotecting’ girls

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A clergyman has warned that Zambia risks formulating laws that will disadvantage boys in a bid to protect girls from Gender Based Violence (GBV).

Redeemed Methodist Church Bishop Paul Bupe has told the Legal and Justice Reforms Commission that at the pace laws are being formulated to protect girls in Zambia was likely that male children will soon be neglected and deemed as criminals in the name of protecting girls from being abused.

Bishop Bupe noted that laws should not be enacted to benefit girls only but also boys as they are all equal in the society.

The Bishop observed that if left unchecked, the laws formulated to protect girls would end up sending all the boys to jail which he said will render them useless in society as they would be unemployable because of the criminal records.

He stated that even boys need protection by statute adding that fast

Track courts and stiffer punishments will not end GBV if societal norms and values are not imparted in the young Zambians.

Meanwhile Bishop Bupe has condemned advocates of homosexuality in Zambia saying such acts are unchristian and uncultural hence should not be condoned in the country.

The Bishop stated that Zambians are facing such problems because they

tend to copy anything that comes from the western culture which he said has ruined the countries culture.

Bishop Bupe who has resided in the United States for over 10 years stated that western culture has penetrated Zambia but urged the public to reject such practices as they are evil and against the culture and beliefs of Zambia.

He said in the States where he has been residing, homosexuality has left a trail of un productivity as same sex marriages do not bear children.

Meanwhile former Women for Change Director Emily Sikazwe stated that her organization and its partners took over 7 years to come up with the GBV Act in order to end violence against women and girls.

Dr  Sikazwe stated that GBV in Zambia has been on the increase hence the need to tighten the Law to curb it adding that the laws are not in any way meant to disadvantage boys and men but merely to regulate the society.

And Commission Chairperson Frederick Chomba noted that some incidences of GBV have been reported in very remote areas where the western influences cannot be blamed.

Justice Chomba stated that much as the western culture can be to blame for most of the bad practices in Zambia, some incidences happened in remote areas which he said is an indication the Zambian citizens also come up with some bad practices which need laws to regulate them.