Chellah demands apology from Daily Nation

George Chellah

PRESIDENT Sata’s press aide George Chellah has demanded an apology within three working days from the Daily Nation newspaper over an alleged defamatory article the newspaper published against him.

In a letter to the Daily Nation, Mr Chellah’s lawyers SBN Legal practitioners say they will institute legal proceedings against the newspaper should it fail to publish an apology over the matter.
The Daily Nation published an article on July 22 headlined: ‘George Chellah insults Daily Nation official’, on its front page.
SBN Legal Practitioners contend that the said article, which the Daily Nation also published online, injured Mr Chellah.
The article alleged that Mr Chellah verbally abused a Daily Nation official for asking him whether President Sata had flown out of the country.
The letter says the article was offensive and imputes that Mr Chellah is uncouth, cantankerous and a dangerous person who is not fit to be a media practitioner.
The article, the letter says, also imputes that Mr Chellah is a dangerous person, who is not fit to hold public office in Zambia and a person capable of committing a crime by harming anybody who crosses his path.
“Our client denies abusing or insulting the said unnamed official and or fellow media practitioner as alleged.
“The allegations against our client are false, malicious and constitute serious libel against his person, his professional calling and his public office and were published without seeking verification from him or being called to state his side of the story before publishing the said libelous article,” the letter reads.
The letter also states that the article caused injury to Mr Chellah’s reputation and embarrassment and distress.
“We require yourselves at this stage to publish an apology in your newspaper and online in terms to be approved by us and with the same prominence and the matter will be closed,” the letter reads.

Zambia Daily Mail