"Seven Spirits" pleads not guilty

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“Seven Spirits” pleads not guilty

Lusaka, July 22,ZANIS—— The famous Kanyama resident Gerald Musalale also known as “Seven Spirits” has appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate court and pleaded not guilty to trafficking in drugs.

Musalale, 24, appeared in the media recently allegedly displaying marijuana in Lusaka’s Chibolya township which is notorious for drug trafficking.

Musalale a businessman who was apprehended by Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC)on Tuesday appeared before Magistrate Mary Chibanga facing two counts of trafficking in marijuana and cocaine.

Facts before the court are that in the first count, Gerald Musalale on July 22, 2014 did traffic in Narcotic drugs namely 29.8grames of cocaine without lawful authority.

And in the second count, it is alleged that Musalale on July 22,2014 did traffic in Psychotropic substances namely 966.6grames of marijuana a herbal product of Cannabis Sativa without lawful authority.

When the accused person was asked by the magistrate whether he pleaded guilty to the two charges or not, he responded that he was not found with the drugs.

The court recorded a plea of not guilty on both counts and the matter was adjourned to August 6, 2014 for mention and August 18,2014 for commencement of trial and the accused person is remanded in custody.

Last Thursday, Gerald Musalale appeared in the media displaying marijuana and claiming that it was’ business as usual” in Lusaka’s Chibolya township which is well known for being notorious in drug trafficking and abuse.

Meanwhile, Musalale was taken outside the court room where he vomited heavily shortly before his case commenced in the Lusaka magistrate Court.

This attracted the attention of many on-lookers at the court complex.