MPs demands an insult – ZUFIAW

Zambian parliament opening
Zambian parliament opening
The Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) has described demands by Members of Parliament for their salaries to be increased as unjustified and an insult to the Zambian workers.


ZUFIAW General Secretary Chingati Msiska in a statement issued yesterday today says it is unfair for parliamentarians to demand for more money when their allowances are already attractive.

Mr Msiska says leaders in the country should not be greedy but should instead learn to share the national cake equally.

He states that it is not fair for Members of Parliament who volunteered themselves for leadership to demand for salary increments when the same people they are representing are still struggling with slave-like wages.

Mr Msiska says the lawmakers seem to be overlooking the fact that as public servants they are not in parliament to serve their own interests but rather to serve the interests of the poor citizens who elected them as their representatives.

He stresses that being elected into public office is not an income generating venture but an act of service to the people.

He says ZUFIAW stands with the two trade union mother bodies the ZCTU and FFTUZ as well as all well meaning Zambians in condemning the unreasonable demands from Members of Parliament.