Woman asks to be divorced from polygamous marriage

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A WOMAN in a polygamous marriage has decided to sue for divorce citing her husband’s inability to give her equal reward for her ‘services’.

Ellen Katuta told the court that her husband Franklin Chola has married four times whilst married to her and each time he has another woman, he neglects and leaves her alone for weeks.
But Chola said the problem in their marriage is that Katuta is not wife material as he met her in a bar with a four- month- old baby and married her after feeling pity for her.
This was heard in the Kanyama local court before Justice Moses Phiri in a case where Katuta dragged Chola to court for divorce.
She said the two, who married in 2010 and have a child together, only enjoyed peace for six months because Chola has been marrying other women.
“When he would come home, he would beat me up, insult my parents and tell me he didn’t want my children from my previous relationship,” she said.
Katuta said one day, Chola told her he had found a friend where he was working.
She asked him what kind of a friend that was and he said someone he wanted to farm with.
Katuta said that confused her and she decided to go to his workplace to investigate.
When she got there, she was told Chola was married and had bought a small holding where he was farming with his wife.
Shocked, she asked for directions to the said farm where she found a woman doing some house chores.
Katuta said with that, she decided to sue for divorce because she could not stomach Chola’s behaviour.
In his statement, Chola said divorce would be good riddance as Katuta has no idea what it is to be a wife.
Chola said life with her has been so retrogressive because whenever he buys things for their home, she sells them.
He said Katuta also has the tendency to flush some of his important documents in the toilet.
“One day she hacked my business partner of mine with a panga after which she was arrested,” he said.
He said he could not wait to be granted divorce.
Passing judgment, Justice Phiri granted divorce with no compensation for Katuta but ordered Chola to maintain her monthly with K200 for 12 months.
Zambia Daily Mail