witch doctor exhumes child’s body without parental consent

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A Congolese witch doctor working from Nsumbu area in Nsama district has exhumed the body of a one year five months old child after suspecting that he was bewitched.

The child was initially buried last month after he died.

But the witch doctor who was working from Nsumbu allegedly exhumed the body of the child without the consent of its parents.

Working with unknown people, the witchdoctor allegedly took the body to the house of James Chansa 36 of Chibengu Village in Nsumbu whom he suspected to have bewitched the child.

The incident happened over the weekend and the child was later reburied after police from Nsumbu intervened in the matter.

The witch doctor has since escaped to Democratic Republic of Congo but police have apprehended one person who was believed to be working with him.

Efforts to get a comment from Luapula Police Commissioner failed as his phone was off.


Radio Mano