Lack of transport derails CLTS activities in Zimba.

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Lack of transport derails CLTS activities in Zimba.

Zimba, July 22, 2014 ZANIS———- Lack of transport in government departments has derailed Community led Total Sanitation (CLTS) activities in Zimba district.

The CLTS program which is aimed at improving health and hygiene and funded by the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund United (UNICEF) has proved to be moving at a slow pace in Zimba district due to lack of transport for monitoring and verification of CLTS activities.

Zimba D-WASHE Secretary Bridget Siampongo said most government departments in the newly created district have no vehicles therefore making it difficult to monitor the activities.

Speaking during a monthly D-WASHE Meeting in Zimba today, Mrs Siampongo appealed to Government to provide transport to its departments in the new district  to enhance its programs and those funded by NGOs.

Mrs Siampongo said transport is cardinal in every developmental program and added that  without  departmental vehicles, it  would be difficult to run certain projects.

The CLTS lead Organisation World Vision Zambia under Kalomo area development progame has provided transport for the programme but there is need for more vehicles in order to achieve the targets in time.

“we only have the District council vehicle  for these activities, we need more support from other ministries but the major problem is that   almost all our departments do not have transport for us to manage monitoring  and verifying these activities.” Mrs Siamponga said.

And speaking I the same meeting, Zimba District Council  Rural Water and Sanitation Officer Chanigza Phiri said out of the 18 boreholes drilled by the Contracted Simplex Drilling and Exploration company limited  under the Constituency Development Fund(CDF), only 6 were operational .

Mr Phiri attributed the increased number of dry boreholes  to  granite rocks which have no water holding capacity in Luyaba and Simwatachela wards.