Fifty Years of Independence – Part I

Elarm Chalusa
Elarm Chalusa

Fifty Years of Independence – Part I

On October 24th 2014, Zambia turns fifty from British Rule.

What are we doing differently 50 years after gaining political independence?

Obviously if you are like me, you would like to see the following among other things:

  1. A break from the current dependence on the London Metal Exchange to dictate copper prices. Doesn’t the seller call the shots?
  2. A robust and self reliant copper industry capable of not just producing but also processing and marketing copper and its derivative products – as much as possible. Can you imagine how much we shall save on purchasing copper products and how much we shall make from selling them?
  3. A break from importation of fuel from far lands when oil with low sulphur content is flowing just next door in Angola with Mozambique holding similar promise. This will have a ripple effect on every sector of the economy – with considerable reductions in prices of virtually all commodities. We need this.
  4. A break from dependence on the continued importation of key equipment to power up our snail pace technological development. Let us not shy aware from investing in the know how to produce technology savvy graduates who are capable of producing world class tools that we have imported hitherto. What honest answer can we give ourselves about what items we manufacture locally? Can we also justify our dependence on importing everything that we have imported so far? A radical departure from this trend will promote innovation in our manufacturing industry and it is long overdue.
  5. ( continued…..)


By Elarm Chalusa