2)–72 year-old woman dies in inferno

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72 year-old woman dies in inferno

Mporokos, July 22, 2014, ZANIS–A 72 year old woman of Shibwalya Kapila in Mporokoso has died after the house she was sleeping in caught fire.

Northern Province police commissioner Charity Kantanga has confirmed the incidence to ZANIS in Mporokosos in an interview.

Ms. Katanga said the deceased Sevenia Mwango, died in the inferno around 23:00hrs on Sunday after she lit a fire using firewood logs in her house.

‘It was this fire which later engulfed the house when she was fast asleep and by the time rescuers reached her house, she was already burnt to death,’’ she said.

Ms Katanga added that the neighbors only managed to retrieve the charred body of the old woman after she had died.

Police say no foul play was suspected.