ZCTU describes MPs demands immoral

ZCTU Secretary General Roy Mwaba - Photo Credit The Post
ZCTU Secretary General Roy Mwaba - Photo Credit The Post
The Zambia Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) says it is immoral for Members of Parliament to demand a pay rise when workers in the public sector have been slapped with a two year wage freeze.


ZCTU Secretary General Roy Mwaba in a statement issued to QFM News says Members of Parliament who are crying for an increase in their salaries are, in fact enjoying subsidies on certain goods and services and that it is surprising that the MPs should demand for a pay rise claiming that life is unaffordable.

Mr Mwaba questions where it leaves the ordinary workers if Members of Parliament, with all their privileges can complain about the biting economy.

He states that ordinary citizens have been made to meet increased costs on goods and services where subsidies were removed.

Mr Mwaba recalls that when the 2014 budget speech was presented to parliament, the Members of Parliament endorsed the wage freeze on public sector workers without realizing the consequences of their action.

He says what is required now, is for parliament to work towards lifting the wage freeze before the Members of Parliament can be supported in their demands to have their emoluments improved.

Mr Mwaba has cautioned government against considering any increase as demanded by the Members of Parliament, stating that doing so would attract repercussions from workers.

He further states that ZCTU is also against paying the lawmakers their mid-term gratuities because doing so would aggravate the financial situation as claimed by government.

The ZCTU Secretary General stresses that if workers in the public sector have been forced to sacrifice, there is no rationale for Members of Parliament asking for a pay rise from the same resource envelope where others have been told to sacrifice.