Nevers says he does not wish to be rich

Nevers Mumba
Nevers Mumba

MMD president Nevers Mumba says he does not wish to be rich.
Addressing residents and party members in Masaiti during his visit to the Copperbelt over the weekend, Mumba said it was true that some people were saying he was broke.
“They are saying Nevers can’t win an election because he is broke. Yes, I’m not a millionaire and I’ve never prayed to God to make me a millionaire. I’m okay with the way God made me,” he said.
Mumba said like many other Zambians, he was able to feel the pain when buying mealie-meal and cooking oil.
“I feel the way you feel. Millionaires can’t even feel that way,” he said.
And Mumba said in accordance with his promise, he had taken on PF’s President Michael Sata and saved MMD from extinction.
“They are saying a preacher man can’t win an election. Let me remind you, most of the key MMD members fled after losing elections as they were scared of the PF. No one was even shouting ‘the hour’ because of PF. When I arrived from Canada, I found people hiding. I declared that ‘Donchi Kutina’ and I told Mr Sata that I will take him on and I did that. I fought to save the MMD,” Mumba said. “All the MMD regalia went into hiding. It was Pa Bwato (on the boat) throughout. I went and prayed to God that ‘God please liberate your people’. And our women started wearing the chitenge again and we went round the country and galvanised the members. Today they can challenge me that I’m a weak candidate?”
Mumba maintained that the former ruling party stood a good chance of bouncing back to power in 2016.
He said that what happened in other African states like Malawi, Benin and Ghana where former ruling parties bounced back to power through elections could be replicated in Zambia.

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