Govt reiterates determination to light rural areas

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–President Micheal Sata says government is determined to connect public institutions in rural areas with electricity to the national grid.


President Sata says this is possible through the Rural Electrification Authority (REA) that is commissioning some of the grid extension projects in rural communities.


Mr Sata, in his facebook posting today, named schools, rural health centres, chief’s palaces, local courts, staff houses for government employees and other government facilities that would benefit from the power grid this year in Southern, Copperbelt, North-Western, Western and Eastern provinces.


“Our government, through the REA, intends to commission some of the grid extension projects that have been implemented from 2012 to date in Southern, Copperbelt, North-Western, Western and Eastern provinces,” Mr Sata said.


The Head of State said the K15,235,000 Mwanza Kasaka 11kV overhead line grid extension project in Monze district in Southern Province will connect Kaumba Basic School and  the Mbeza 33kV line from Choma to Namwala district passing through Niko Rural Growth Centre to cost K11,172,000. 



President Sata added that St Margaret’s grid extension project in Chipata district in Eastern Province would cost K5.6 million while on the Copperbelt Province the Kang’wena grid extension project in Chingola district to electrify Kansoka, Milulu and Muchinshi in the district would cost K5,951,406.


Other projects are the 11kV overhead line  at K11 321 124 Kamwanda grid extension project in Kabompo District, North Western Province, Sanjongo/Lukolwe/Kambuya grid extension project in Chavuma District,(K3,724,601.63);  Kambuya basic school, Chief Sefu’s Palace, shops and Kambuya health centre  (K8,990,056) and the Chivombo/Kamusamba grid extension project to gobble K1,450,000).


In Western Province, Sihole grid extension project in Kalabo district, government would spend K12,900,000 while the Nanjucha project in Senanga district would attract K8,340,000 respectively.


President Sata said he is determined to ensure that government scales up interventions aimed at accelerating rural development in order to improve the people’s living standards.