2)–Muchinga farmers urged to embrace technology

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Residents of Mufumbwe district in the North Western province have called on government and stakeholders to set up more filling stations in the area in order to end the persistent artificial shortages of fuel.

The residents complained that the district only has one privately owned filling station with two pumps which has been servicing the area despite the increasing demand for the commodity.

Kelvin Mutunga told ZANIS in an interview that the population and economic activities in Mufumbwe have grown therefore increasing the demand for fuel in the district.

Mr Mutunga said the filling station is not coping with the demand as a result, the district has been experiencing artificial shortages of fuel which even when available the price is increased  50 ngwee.

Another resident, Aaron Dikashi said frequent fuel shortages have affected business activities in the district as there is no competition to stabilize the fuel supply.

 Mr Dikashi said most motorists have resolved to buying fuel from makeshift dealers which was expensive and not reliable.

 And James Chakwa called on government and stakeholders to consider putting up another filling station in Mufumbwe.