Kapaya calls for peaceful campaigns

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Kapaya calls for peaceful campaigns

Milenge, July 13, 2014, ZANIS—Patriotic Front Chiengi Member of Parliament Benson Kapaya has called for peaceful campaigns in the August 19 Mumbotuta ward local government by-election.

Addressing scores of PF supporters at Changwe Lungo Primary School in Milenge yesterday, Brig Gen Kapaya said the PF government had performed well since it assumed office in September, 2011.

The Chiengi Law maker who is also Luapula Province Minister said it was for this reason that the people of Milenge should vote for the ruling party in the forth-coming Mumbotuta ward by-election.

Three political parties are participating in the by-election namely the ruling Patriotic Front (PF), the opposition United Party for National Development (UPND) and the Movement for Multi-party Democracy (MMD).

Brig Gen Kapaya urged the cadres to go flat out and campaign for the PF candidate Gevason Mumba who is competing against UPND’s candidate Joseph Mbewe and Gosten Mumba standing on the MMD ticket.

Brig Gen Kapaya said if elected Mr Mumba would propel the PF vision of delivering development and increasing its membership throughout the country.

“Let’s campaign peacefully, what we want are votes not violence so I’m urging you to desist from any violent activities as PF supporters, we should lead by example that we are a peaceful party committed to developing this country,” said Brig Gen Kapaya.

Meanwhile, Brig Gen Kapaya cautioned the people of Milenge not listen to opposition lies about the health of President Sata whom they allege was not feeling well.

“The president is in good health, he is the one governing this country whether the opposition likes it or not so let’s go and tell the people that our president is very much alive and that they shouldn’t buy what the opposition is saying,” he said.