Chilubi PF Councilors demand new allowances

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Twenty-two Patriotic Front (PF) Councilors in Chilubi District are demanding payment of newly introduced monthly allowances.


The ruling PF councilors complained that the District Council management is unnecessarily delaying to pay them their allowances.


ZANIS reports that the civic leaders expressed their concern during a full council meeting held in Chilubi yesterday.


Chilubi District Council Chairman Robert Sobongo said they have never been paid for any single month since government put them on the payroll early this year.


Mr Sobongo who is also Bumba ward councilor said councilors are now skeptical about ever receiving their money because council management insists that they lack funds to pay them.


He observed that if left unchecked the issue is likely to create enmity between councilors and the council administration in the district.


And Bulilo Ward Councilor Charles Mwila challenged Council management to come clean on the matter and tell them the truth.


“You should tell us if these newly introduced salaries by Government will be a reality or it will remain a night mere for councilors in Chilubi district,” said Mwila.


However, Chilubi District Council Secretary John Mwanza told the PF councilors that the council was unable to pay them.


Mr Mwanza explained that council management has failed to pay them because its revenue base had dwindled adding that the council was also having difficulties to pay workers’ salaries.


“We as council have nowhere to collect revenues because we collect even as little as K300 per month,” said Mr Mwanza.