Shoddy works irk Sinazongwe DC

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—-Sinazongwe District Commissioner Dodo Sindaza, has expresses displeasure at the shoddy works done on some of the projects involving infrastructural development being implemented in the district.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Sinazongwe yesterday, Mr Sindaza warned that it was high time some contractors were blacklisted because government was spending a lot of resources on the projects.

He said funds involved in some of the projects were public resources that needed to be accounted for by ensuring that they are put to good use and for the intended purpose.

Mr Sindaza said the challenge was with the local contractors who were not doing work to expected standard and specifications.

The DC said government was interested in empowering the local people by awarding contracts to them with expectations of displaying professional and quality works on the projects.

Mr Sindaza charged that local contractors were mainly interested in being paid without ensuring that they put up good work to government’s expectations and standards.

He warned the local contractors not to complain whenever they are not considered for contracts because government was only interested in contractors that were capable of doing a good job on projects.

Mr Sindaza said he was disappointed with the work done on some bridges in the district and called on responsible officers to ensure that contractors do a good job by monitoring works until projects are completed.

He said officers responsible for issuing certificates of completion must also desist from doing so where shoddy works have been done on projects and ensure that payments are not paid.

Mr Sindaza also called on Government to deal with officers that would issue certificates of completion on poorly done projects.

The District Commissioner further expressed concern over the Maamba Mweemba road that turned out to be in a very poor state barely few months after being rehabilitated.

He said the road was in a good state not until a company contracted by Maamba Collieries Mine, called SEPCO, started using the route for heavy trucks that were ferry sand to the mines.

Mr Sindaza has since called on Maamba Collieries Limited to ensure that the road is maintained because by the time the rainy season will come the status of the road will be completely deplorable.