Youths assured of social and economic empowerment

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——–Youths have been assured that government is committed to solving the unemployment levels amongst them and that they should support government’s efforts so that its quest of solving the unemployment problem is eradicated.

National Youth Development Council (NYDC) Chairman, Saviour Chishimba, made the assurance when he addressed youths in Luangwa District and urged them not to relent in their aspiration for social and economic empowerment.

Dr Chishimba’s assurance followed complaints by youths in Luangwa who complained that no single youth group has benefited from the youth funds because of some strings attached to access the resources such as collateral, which majority of them do not have.

He said government was aware of the economic hardships youths were going through and it has embarked on programmes of alleviating the challenges they were going through by strengthening certain organs like the National Youth Development Council.

He said the PF manifesto attaches great importance to alleviating the challenges youths were facing and is putting up all interventions of ensuring that youths are socially and economically empowered.

Dr Chishimba told the youths that the National Youth Development Council has now been revised and strengthened and it will work with the Ministry of Youth and Sport in ensuring that young generation were empowered.

He said the NYDC has realized that a lot of youths were failing to access some government funds because of certain demands like collateral but his council has set up a fund which will be given as a grant to youth groups to enable them embark on big ventures in the near future.

Dr Chishimba said the fund, which is called Federated Youth Development Fund, will be given to youth groups as a grant to enable them embark on sustainable projects which will enable them acquire some collateral so that they could have access to bigger loans.

He told the youths that government was eager to solve some of their challenges and with the revising and strengthening of the NYDC, he was certain that these challenges would be sorted out.

Dr Chishimba added that the council, which has been mandated to advise the Ministry of Youth and Sport on matters affecting the youths, has already started working and will have structures in all districts so that youths have easy access to information and funds.

He also assured Luangwa youths that the council was making arrangement with the District Commissioner’s office to turn the former INDECO milling building which was bought by the Lusaka Provincial Administration to be turned into a skills training centre.

Meanwhile, Luangwa District Commissioner, Eunie Mumba, has appealed to the National Youth Development Council to supplement government’s efforts by giving start-up capital to the youths who have graduated from the Zambia National Service (ZNS) training skills camps.

Mr Mumba made the appeal when the NYDC chairman made a curtsey call on him and appealed to the Council to consider giving start-up capital to the youths who graduate from ZNS skills training centres so that they have somewhere to start from.

He said majority of the youths who go to ZNS skills training camps are from the streets and humble backgrounds and there is need to give them something to start using their skills.