Kapiri contractor given ultimatum to deliver ‘stolen’ materials

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—The Kapiri Mposhi District Council has given a three-day ultimatum to a local contractor who is alleged to have failed to deliver building materials funded under Constituency Development Fund (CDF) to supply the materials or face legal action.

Council Secretary, Eugenia Shadunka, told ZANIS today that the Local Authority has written the contractor, PSP Investment Limited, to honour the contractual obligation to supply and deliver the remaining building materials worth K 22,061 within three days failure to which the council will take legal action.

Ms Shadunka said the contractor has not supplied and delivered 192 pockets of cement, three classroom boards, doors and assorted building fittings worth K22,061 to the site. 

She said the contractor has failed to supply K22,061 worth of building materials out of the total contract sum of K 202,000 awarded to him from the 2013 CDF claiming the materials got stolen from his truck after it broke down en-route to the site.

The building materials were meant for the construction of additional classrooms at Iwonde Basic School in Chief Mukubwe’s area.

But Ms Shadunka advised the contractor to adhere to the terms and conditions of the contract and supply the remaining materials to facilitate implementation of the construction of classrooms at the learning institution.

During the Ordinary Council Meeting on Monday councillors put to task the Council Management led by Ms Shadunka to explain the circumstances surrounding the missing materials.

During the meeting it was reported that building materials had gone missing and that the matter had not been reported to police for investigations.


It was also reported that the headmaster of the beneficiary school had signed a consent note indicating receipt of all the materials at the school when in fact not.