— Limata steps in the traditional leadership wrangle in Luampa District

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Limata steps in the traditional leadership  wrangle in Luampa District 


Kaoma, July 3rd, 2014, ZANIS —-  Government has  urged  the traditional leadership  in Luampa District  to avoid bickering for the sake of development.


Luampa constituency Member of Parliament Josephine Limata says  government was concerned of the rising bickering among the traditional leaders in the area.


Referring to on-going leadership wrangles that have rocked the district following  Chiefs Mutondo and Kahare’s  appointment of Sub-chief Lushato Matanda of Katunda  as the representative in the newly created Luampa district, Ms. Limata said there was need for unity among government and traditional rulers in the area.



She said  if the situation is left without reaching an amicable solution, it will derail PF development programmes which are already under the pipeline.



Ms Limata who is also Chiefs and Traditional Affairs deputy minister said no chief or an Induna in the area is above the authority of the Litunga in Western province.



She said all the Silalo  Indunas in Luampa was  not yet gazetted by government therefore no one should claim or start issuing threats on others in the pretext of being district chief.



Ms Limata said indunas such as Mwanatete, Siwaliondo, Afumba, Kanguya, Mufaya, Mayankwa and Mwanambuyu are not gazetted chiefs and none of them has yet been given instruments of power by the Litunga to head Luampa district.



She said the traditional leadership in the area should learn to consult the 1958 map which shows the boundaries of each one of them than resorting to aggressive modes which will not take them anywhere.




But Sub-chief Lushato Matanda has maintained  that he is the only recognized sub-chief in Luampa appointed by chiefs Mutondo and Kahare who he said were  the owners of the land in the area.



Sub-chief Matanda has however, appealed to silalo indunas such as Kanguya, Siwaliondo, Afumba and Mwanambuyu to be reporting to his newly built Katondo palace in the area.



He said that he has already opened five traditional courts to be arbitrating traditional matters and he is still remaining with six more courts to be opened in the area.



Sub-chief Matanda said his aim was to see that all the indunas in the area paid total tribute to chiefs Mutondo and Kahare as they are the custodians of the land in the entire districts of Kaoma, Luampa and Nkeyema in the province.