Govt reiterates commitment to support youths

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Acting Transport, Works Supply and Communications Minister, Christopher Yaluma says government is ready to support youths in income generating programs.

Mr Yaluma said government is working at creating jobs in the transport sector because it has not forgotten its promise of more money in the pocket.


Mr Yaluma was speaking when Higer Bus Limited handed over 10 Higer Buses to the Public and Private Drivers Association of Zambia (PPDAZ) in Lusaka today.


The buses, which have been purchased by the association after contributions from the drivers across the country, will be distributed to various provinces.


And PPDAZ President, Majuru Josiah, said it was the hard economic times that pushed the drivers to come up with such an initiative of empowerment.


Mr Josiah said the buses will go a long way in improving the livelihood of drivers, stating that the beneficiaries of the buses have been trained in entrepreneurship and adherence to road traffic regulations.


He expressed gratitude at the over 285 drivers that have been trained in defensive driving across the country by the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA).


Mr Josiah said the divers are ready to work with other stakeholders in order to improve the transport sector.


And Higer Limited representative, a Mr Hu said the company was pleased to partner with PPDAZ in order to contribute to national development.


Mr Hu said the buses, which have been designed with a sitting capacity of 16 instead of 12, are a way of strengthening Zambia’s relation with China.