50th Zambia International Trade Fair

A trader weighs gold nuggets near Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo
A trader weighs gold nuggets near Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo

THE 50th Zambia International Trade Fair (ZITF) officially opened the gates to the public yesterday with many foreign and local exhibitors showcasing their products and services.
A check at the ZITF grounds in Ndola in the morning found many foreign and local exhibitors ready to meet show goers and explaining their products and services.
Other stands, however, were still being set up with others doing the painting and other final touches.
Some people were found looking for last minute job opportunities at the various stands and stalls.
Some foreign exhibitors spoken to said they were generally happy with the organisation of the trade fair and were looking forward to meeting show goers and that other exhibitors had already been to their stands to see what they had to offer.
A South African company, Hydrafoam, says it was exhibiting for the first time at the ZITF and was looking forward to meeting potential clients and studying the Zambian market to see if it could set up a low cost housing business.
Hydrafoam Key account manager Nalini Naidoo said the company, which manufactures brick and block making machines, was exhibiting to promote its brand and investigate the possibility of offering Zambians low cost housing.
Ms Naidoo said Hydrafoam offered its clients low cost housing, skills training and job creation.
“Hydrafoam seeks to bring reform and development to Zambians while helping with the housing and development issues through our low cost housing methods,” she said.
Another foreign exhibitor Cyprien Kikunguru, an analyst at the Congolese Bureau of Standards said the institution was exhibiting to exchange information and meet Zambian exporters to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).
Dr Kikunguru said Zambian companies generally met Congolese standards and that he was ready to meet potential exporters to exchange information on various issues.
The trade fair goes up to Tuesday and it is under the theme ‘Showcasing 50 years of business transformation and development’.

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