Mulenga Sata rules Scott offside – QFM

MULENGA Sata is the new PF Lusaka district chairperson
MULENGA Sata is the new PF Lusaka district chairperson

Lusaka Mayor Mulenga Sata has expressed surprise and concern at remarks attributed to vice president Guy Scott with regards his eligibility for the Presidency.

Dr Scott is quoted in today’s edition of the Post Newspaper as saying that he together with Mulenga Sata and Kabwata MP Given Lubinda are excluded by the 1996 amended constitution to stand for President which requires a candidate to have both parents born in Zambia.

Mr Sata who is currently in South Korea on civic duties has told QFM News that he finds the remarks attributed to the vice president inappropriate, divisive and factually incorrect.

Mr Sata says the circumstances of Dr Scott’s birth are completely different from his.

He states that his mother was born in the Copperbelt province of northern Rhodesia which later came to be known as Zambia, making her a Zambian by birth and descent since Zambia was born in 1964.

Mr Sata adds that his father who is the Republican President is a known element.

Mr Sata who is also Lusaka District PF Chairman states that as a patriotic nationalist he remains committed to the development of the country and the social upliftment of the people particularly women and youths considering that they constitute the majority of the country’s population.

He says there is need for leadership that fosters unity in the country across ethnic and/or religious divides, that resonates with the hope of the young people and most importantly enables all Zambians to participate substantially and substantively in the economy.

Mr Sata says these are the things which should be talked about not idle chatter simply because the substantive president is out of the office for a few days.