— Teaching servicer commission sacks seven teachers in Chisamba District

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Teaching servicer commission sacks seven teachers in Chisamba District

CHISAMBA, July 1st,  2014, ZANIS —- SEVEN Teachers of Chikonkomene Primary School in Chisamba have being dismissed by the Teaching Service Commission for examination malpractice.


The Five Teachers included the Head Teacher and Deputy  who were found guilty of writing examinations for grade seven pupils in 2011.


Chisamba District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) Faith Kyulabantu Mwamba confirmed the development in an in interview with ZANIS in Chisamba District, today.


Mrs. Mwamba said that  other teachers include Innocent Mwansa – Head Teacher, Morven Muleya –Deputy Head Teacher, Kazhila Kazhila, Foster Chembo, Charles Liseli, Ngosa Chikunka and Chrispin Montero.


She said the Teaching Service Commission dismissed the Teachers with effect from 29th December, 2012 following the court’s decision to fine and convict them.


Mrs Mwamba said according to the code of conduct, any Officer convicted of an offence is liable for dismissal. She added that Teachers are warned against examination malpractice every year but they keep committing offences.


She expressed disappointment at the development  adding that issues of that nature could be avoided because government has continued warning and sensitizing Teachers against the vice.


She added that it was very sad for the Teachers as their families had lost an income and benefits.


“You know what, one of the Teachers served for 28 years and that qualifies him for a good package but it is all lost because of a mistake which could have being avoided” said Mwamba.


She  however attributed examination malpractice to in adequate preparation of pupils. She appealed to Teachers to prepare children adequately for the examinations.


“Teachers should learn to adequately prepare the children and they will be no need for them to look for leakages, show children or engage in any other examination malpractices” said Mwamba.


She said there was need for Teachers to come up with programmes and remedial lessons for the children.