— Mungwi Tech School scouts for funds to procure furniture

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Mungwi Tech School scouts for funds to procure furniture


Mungwi, July 1, 2014, ZANIS — Mungwi Technical High School in Northern Province says it is scouting for funds to acquire furniture for the newly constructed dining hall at the institution.



Mungwi District Commissioner Joyce Chanda says the school is looking for over three hundred thousand kwacha to procure furniture for the newly built dining hall.



Mrs. Chanda said at the moment the pupils are still having their meals outside because the old entertainment hall which the pupils used to feed from is seriously dilapidated.



She said the school authorities have had no choice but allow pupils to feed outside to safeguard their lives in case the old building collapsed while the pupils were inside.



ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said this in an interview in Mungwi District, today.



And the check by ZANIS in Mungwi at Mungwi Technical High School today found pupils having their meals outside the old dilapidated entertainment hall.



Government has constructed a new dinning hall at the institution but it is not being used because of the non-availability of furniture.



Meanwhile, Mungwi District Commissioner has expressed concern at the poor sanitation levels at Mungwi Technical High School.



Mrs. Chanda said she is not impressed with the sanitation situation at Mungwi Technical High School adding that immediate measures need to be taken to redress the situation.



She said the school population has continued to increase in the recent past with the introduction of grade 8 but no support has been given towards the renovation of school infrastructure.