Govt. vows to maintain all 20 depots in Mungwi District

fra maize
fra maize

Government has assured the farmers in Mungwi that it will maintain the 20 satellite depots for this year’s crop marketing exercise contrary to reports that it had reduced the number to fifteen.


Mungwi District Commissioner Joyce Chanda says farmers in the area should not panic as government’s position is to maintain all the existing 20 satellite depots.



Mrs. Chanda however said that the crop marketing exercise will commence after all the logistics are put in place by the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).



ZANIS reports that the District Commissioner said this an interview in Mungwi District , June 1st.



Mrs. Chanda said FRA will also need to consider the moisture content in maize before it can finally recommend for the buying of the produce.



There was an outcry from the farming community in Mungwi after reports went round the government had reduced the number of maize buying points from 20 to 15.