UNIP calls on the PF to listen to Zambians over people driven constitution.

United National Independence Party (UNIP)
United National Independence Party (UNIP)

The United National Independent Party (UNIP) in Northern Province has called on the PF government to listen to Zambians over the demand to have a new people driven constitution.

Provincial UNIP Chairperson Freedom Kafunda noted that it was wrong for the PF government to have promised the people of Zambia that it will deliver a people driven constitution once put into office when in fact the party had no plans to do so.

And Patriotic Front Northern Province Secretary Everist Chela said the party is committed to giving Zambians a new constitution but said it will not be compelled to do so.

Mr. Chela has since urged opposition political parties to stop using the constitution making process to gain political mileage.

Radio Mano