Kawambwa Tea resumes operations

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–Production of tea at Kawambwa Tea Company (KTC) has resumed under the leadership of the indigenous managers and workers have been paid for two months.

Luena Ward Councillor, Wellington Mwewa, confirmed this at the district Agricultural and Commercial Show held at the estates yesterday.

Mr Mwewa said production started without the named Zimbabwean investor who has run away and the local managers used their initiative to export tea and later pay the workers
He said the managers are working better than the Zimbabwean investor to ensure that production continues at the company and workers are paid to ease their sufferings.

Under the named Zimbabwean investor, KTC the workers are owed thousands of kwacha for over one year in salary and wage arrears.
In a related development, Fisaka Ward Councillor, Gershom Chibalange, urged the Kawambwa Tea Company (KTC) to open a sales outlet in the BOMA to enhance its sales of tea.

Mr Chibalange observed that since KTC has greatly improved in tea production and it is now producing new brands, called upon the firm to urgently open a shop in the BOMA.

He emphasised that business at the tea estate is limited and it can make more money if it opens a shop in the BOMA.

The civic leader added that many people in the BOMA cannot manage to walk over 20 km to the estates just to buy tea.