Wife tells husband he’s not responsible for her pregnancy

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

DRAMA characterised a court session at Chawama Local Court when a man heard how another man is responsible for his wife’s pregnancy.
Distraught, Paul Sichilima, 25, of Chibolya township, husband of Rosina Nampempa, 22, of Zingalume said he was preparing for the baby’s arrival but he has since stopped upon learning that he was not responsible.

Sichilima also said with impunity, Nampempa told him he is infertile and that the child they had who earlier passed away was not his.
When he stepped down from the dock, he told the court, “This is really painful. You live with someone and yet she goes to have sex with another man. You don’t know how I feel. I feel as if I could just kill her,” he lamented.
In a case where Sichilima dragged Sam Tembo of Kalingalinga to court for reconciliation over pregnancy, he said Nampempa told him the pregnancy was not his therefore Tembo needed to take full responsibility.
In his statement, Tembo said Nampempa has been his girlfriend since December 2013 but she never told him she was married.
He said he used to have sex with her but she never told him when she fell pregnant.
“I would take her to my home where we would have sex. I would be with her from about 14:00 hours to 16:00 hours, then she would go back. She told me she lives with her parents. I had no idea she was married because she never told me,” he said.
Tembo said when he noticed Nampempa was pregnant, she did not tell him who was responsible.
He said one day, he received a call that he should meet some people at a market who happened to be Sichilima’s sisters.
Tembo said Sichilima who was also present asked if Nampempa’s pregnancy was his (Tembo) and he agreed.
He said they all went to Victim Support Unit (VSU) where in the presence of her father, Nampempa said Tembo was responsible for her pregnancy.
Tembo said after wards with his family, they went to Nampempa’s parents about the pregnancy where they were told there was no marriage between their daughter and Sichilima as no dowry had been paid.
And in her statement Nampemba told the court that the pregnancy belonged to Sichilima but that since he had dumped her, all she wanted from him were her clothes.
In passing judgment, Justice Ngandwe said there was no marriage between Sichilima and Nampempa.
The court also ruled reconciliation not settled because it could not ascertain which of the two men was responsible for the pregnancy adding that they should go for DNA testing after the birth of the baby.


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