‘Good samaritans’ rape student on the way to university

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 22-YEAR-OLD student in Kabwe was last Tuesday afternoon raped by two strangers from whom she asked for a lift.
The student is said to have asked for a lift from the unknown men around 15:30 hours from Freedom Avenue to a named university.
The assailants instead diverted to a different destination and  later dragged her in an unfinished  house  where they  took turns raping her the whole night.
Central Province Commissioner of police Standwell Lungu,  who confirmed the incident, said the student was briefly  observed at the hospital but was later discharged.
Mr Lungu said a docket has since been opened and investigations to hunt for attackers launched.
He,  however, cautioned the public  especially women against  asking for lifts from strangers to avoid such incidents.
“I can confirm that we are  investigating a case in which  two  men who had given a lift to a student but later diverted and  raped  her the whole night at  an incomplete  structure,” he said.
He said the student was later dumped in Kabwe’s Kang’ombe area the following morning.
In another incident, Police are investigating a case in which three suspected criminals armed with a firearm and a  slasher held two women of foreign nationality hostage after demanding to be given money at their home in Kabwe’s Luangwa Township.
The suspects later after realizing that the  two  women did not have cash forced them to  drive to an Automated Teller Machines (ATM) in town where a K2,000 was drawn at gun point.


  1. Its sad that some men can easily get advantage of ladies who need protecting. Hope they will be brought to book and the law can take its cause.

  2. College girls are too much in love with cars , they don’t see a man driving lesson learned.