She attacks genitals when we fight, court hears


A MAN told the Matero Local Court that his wife always pulls his genitals every time the couple differs.
This is a case in which Mary Chanakile, 21, of Chipata township sued Mike Sikazwe, 28 for divorce because of Sikazwe’s extra-marital affairs.
Chanakile told the court that she got married to Sikazwe in 2013 adding they have a daughter together.

“My husband beats me and always accuses me of having forced this marriage on him,”she said.
Chanakile said Sikazwe; a local musician, beats her up every time she asks about the numerous women phoning on his mobile phone even at awkward hours.
“He claims his fans are the ones who call him,” she said.
Chanakile told the court that every time Sikazwe beats her up, he locks her in the house the whole day.
“By the time he returns home I would have forgiven him. When I told my mother about his beatings, she advised me to be strong because marriage is emotionally taxing,”she said.
Chanakile said her mother- in-law also told her that Sikazwe was a very talkative and difficult person.
She told the court that Sikazwe does not make an effort to look for formal employment to enable him take care of the family.
“I found a job with the help of my family and I have been taking care of him. He does not even make an effort to support the family. Due to the challenges in our marriage I decided to leave because the pressure was too much,” said Chanakile.
She said the two families have had discussions to try and iron out the couple’s problems, but to no avail.
“The church pastor advised that we seek marriage counselling but he has since stopped going to church because he does not want to be counselled,”said Chanakile.
In defence Sikazwe told Senior Court Magistrate Petronella Kalyelye that he didn’t want to be separated from his wife because he still loved her.
He said Chanakile is the one who always beat him up whenever they had a conflict.
“She is a violent woman who pulls my genitals but still nurses me when they swell. It is not true that I beat her up,”said Sikazwe.
Sikazwe said Chanakile has no regard for him ever since she got a job.
“She comes home late and always denies me sex. I cook for myself and do my laundry,” he said.
Divorce was granted with the court ordering Sikazwe to pay K500 monthly as child support.
The couple was ordered to share household goods equally.


Zambia Daily Mail