Govt. advises farmers to diversify

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Govt. advises farmers to diversify

Kawambwa,  June 28TH , 2014,  ZANIS —  Government has advised Small scale farmers of Kawambwa district in Luapula Province to be strategic in the management of their yield to enhance food security.

Kawambwa district council chairperson, Angela Sichone says government  is concerned with food security in the country hence the need for the farmers to be strategic in the  management of their harvest.

ZANIS reports that the District Council chairperson said this during the  District agriculture and commercial show held at Kawambwa Tea Estates under the theme : “breaking new grounds in 2014.”

She says government is concerned about farmers in the area rushing to sell all their maize cheaply instead of setting aside enough for their household consumption.

Mrs Sichone who is also Ng’ona ward councillor says farmers should analyze the market and avoid selling maize produced at great sacrifice at giveaway prices.

The chairperson adds that the theme for this year’s agriculture show was  a good one saying it has come at a time when the government is actively promoting the development of
farming from small scale to evolving or commercial farming.