Chinese national jailed 18 months for violence threats over K2 parking violation


A KITWE magistrate’s court has sentenced a 27-year-old Chinese to 18 months imprisonment for threatening violence.
Principal Resident Magistrate, Penjani Lamba sentenced Xuan Chanqcun to 18 months imprisonment with an addition K2,000 fine.
The court, however, suspended the sentence for 24 months.
Xuan of Nkana West in Kitwe was charged for threatening violence after he threatened to shoot Maureen Kasanka, a former Kitwe City Council (KCC) police officer on July 9, 2012.
Xuan had threatened violence on Ms Kasanka, after asking him to pay K2 parking fee on Matuka Avenue near Shoprite and threatened to injure her.
In delivering judgment, Ms Lamba said it was clear that the accused person was not willing to pay the fee he was required to pay to the local authority.
Ms Lamba said the accused person threatened that he would shoot anyone who would get close to him.
She noted that the accused was speaking to Ms Kasanka with his car window half opened which made the complainant see the gun.
“I am satisfied that the accused threatened to shoot Maureen Kansanka and wanted to use the weapon to ensure that she lets him go. I hereby sentence you to 18 months imprisonment suspended to 24 months plus a fine of K2000 paid to the court,” she said.
Earlier, the court heard that on the material day, Ms Kasanka and her colleague asked Xuan to pay a fee of K2 as he was trying to drive out of the Shoprite car park. The court also heard that Xuan decided to park his vehicle in the middle of the road in protest.
The other motorists got incensed and joined to help the council officers but Xuan got a Pistol from his socks and threatened to open fire. The accused was then apprehended by other officers and was taken to the police station for questioning.


Times of Zambia