Zambia to market its sculptures internationally during regional trade alliance

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Africa Development International Chief Executive Officer George Mwanza says the hosting of the regional trade alliance will help to expose the potential of Zambian makers of sculptures.

Mr Mwanza explained that most Zambian craft dealers are not benefiting from their work due to lack of access to the international market.

He further explained that Zambian artists continue to lose funds to middlemen who purchase artefacts at low prices and later sell them in the United States of America at a higher price.

The Regional Trade Alliance scheduled for next year will bring together both foreign and local of crafts and discuss how they can access African crafts on the international market.

Mr Mwanza told ZANIS that Zambian makers of hand products will have an opportunity to create linkages with other artists during the hosting of the conference.

He explained that through the linkages Zambian producers will be able to have direct access to the crafts international market.

Mr Mwanza observed that lack of access to the international market has hindered the growth of the crafts industry in the country.

He however expressed optimism that Zambian sculptures will penetrate the international market as they have the potential.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwanza has said the hosting of the regional trade alliance will put Zambia’s craft tourism on the international market.