Secretary to Cabinet urges Public workers to uphold vision of forefathers

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Secretary to the Cabinet has implored public workers to uphold the vision of the founding fathers as the country commemorates 50 years of independence.

Dr Roland Musiska explained that the vision of the founding fathers is imbedded in the national anthem hence the call to public workers to reflect on the words constituted in the national anthem.

He made the appeal during the launch of the Zambia Society for Public Administration (ZSPA) in Lusaka yesterday.

Dr Musiska stated that the aspiration of the founding fathers for Zambia as a nation is chronicled in the national anthem.

The Secretary to Cabinet said every Zambian should strive to emulate the noble eagle in aiming for excellence during service delivery to the general public.

Dr Musiska said the country’s 50 years independence anniversary should be used to ascertain whether noble ideals and ideas the founding fathers wrote in the national anthem have been achieved.

He implored civil servants to ask themselves as to whether they have been applying the ideals of the founding fathers imbedded in the national anthem during the discharge of their respective national duties.

Dr Musiska said public workers should live up to the aspirations of the founding fathers of ensuring that Zambia is economically independent.

And speaking earlier, ZSPA president Kelvin Esiasa said the organization will seek among other things to promote and facilitate the education and professional development of public workers.

He further stated that the organization will always honour individuals and institutions which exhibit outstanding performance as a way of motivating public workers.

Mr Esiasa disclosed that the organization was established after wider consultation from existing administration associations.

He expressed optimism that the organization will contribute in enhancing public service delivery in the country.

And University of Delaware Associate in the department of Political Science and International Relations Davis Theodore said Zambia should use the 50 years celebration to reposition itself as a model of efficient service delivery to the public.

Professor noted that other countries should emulate and learn from Zambia’s public service administration.