Lack of cash to pay salaries to civil servants by NATSAVE in Luwingu persists

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Civil Servants in Luwingu District in Northern Province have stormed the District Commissioner’s office demanding to be addressed over National Credit Bank’s (NATSAVE) delayed salary payments.

The angry civil servants who included teachers and health personnel have expressed displeasure with the Bank’s failure to pay them their salaries.

The civil servants told ZANIS in separate interviews that they are not happy with the bank’s failure to pay them their salaries which were effected on June 20, 2014 this month.

One of the teachers Jeremiah Goma from Chifwile Primary School located 80 kilometres from Luwingu town said he was told by the Bank Clerks that the bank had run out money but can only be paid when other people make enough deposits.

And Luwingu NATSAVE Branch Manager only identified as a Mr. Musonda refused to speak to comment on the matter as he can only do so after getting clearance from NATSAVE Head office in Lusaka.

However, efforts to get a comment from NATSAVE Managing Director Cephas Chabu who yesterday refuted the reports that the bank has not been able to pay civil servants in Luwingu district failed.

Mr. Chabu yesterday argued that the bank had dispatched enough cash for the people in Luwingu.

Meanwhile, Luwingu District Commissioner Deodatus Musungwe has described the prevailing situation as pathetic and disturbing to the civil servants.

Mr. Musungwe told ZANIS that the late payments by NATSAVE began last month but has worsened in this month of June.

He has however vowed to seek audience with NATSAVE Bank Management in the district over the situation.