Genitals theft suspects in court

Criminal court
Criminal court

TWO men charged with murdering and cutting off the genitals of their victim have appeared in the Lusaka Magistrate’s Court for explanation of the charge.

This is in a case in which Bruce Kazembe of Lilanda and Alex Mwanza of Kuku township, both drivers, are charged with murder.
It is alleged that Kazembe and Mwanza on June 15 this year in Lusaka, jointly whilst acting together, murdered Haggai Chabuteeba.
Mr Chabuteeba body was discovered around 06:00 hours in a ditch by the railway line between Misisi and Royal Temple International Church by passers-by.
Police suspect Mr Chabuteeba was murdered between June 15 and June 16 at an unknown time.
The body had a deep cut on the right cheek, the throat completely cut off and private parts removed.
It is also alleged that the duo found Mr Chabuteeba sleeping in a ditch and killed him by slitting his throat and cutting off his private parts, which they intended to sell for ritual purposes.



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