2 complaints made against fake doctor

Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital - Lusakavoice.com
Levy Mwanawasa General Hospital - Lusakavoice.com

LEVY Mwanawasa General Hospital management has received two formal complaints against a man of Lusaka’s George township who was arrested for allegedly masquerading as a medical doctor at the institution.

“We received two complaints as management. One was when a female patient was conned out of K160.  He told the woman that he would conduct an ultra-sound test but he just got the money and disappeared,” director of clinical care Clarence Chiluba said.
“The second complaint was from a student who came for attachment who complained that his doctor’s coat was stolen. This conman was captured by the camera coming out of the dressing room wearing a doctor’s coat,” Dr Chiluba said.
He said, however, that hospital management is happy that lives of patients were not endangered because the arrested suspect was not attending to patients but was just conning them out of cash.
Police have not yet charged the suspect, Bonaventure Ng’uni, who was allegedly masquerading as a medical doctor and asking for payment from unsuspecting patients requiring urgent medical attention.
Police spokesperson Charity Chanda said police are still gathering evidence before they charge him.
Ms Chanda said in Lusaka yesterday that police are still receiving complaints from members of the public before they come up with a formal charge.
“We have not yet charged this suspected conman. We are still appealing to members of the public who could have been conned by this man to go to Bennie Mwiinga Police Post and report.
“This man is still in our custody and he will be charged soon,” she said.
Mr Ng’uni was apprehended on Saturday around 11:55 hours after a complaint from hospital management.

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