TIZ starts exposing corrupt officials

Goodwell Lungu
Goodwell Lungu

TRANSPARENCY International Zambia (TIZ) has started monitoring and exposing officials involved in public expenditure irregularities and theft of public funds.
And Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Vincent Mwale says the decision by TIZ to publish names of officers cited in the latest Auditor General’s report in the press should be supported.

TIZ executive director Goodwell Lungu said the programme has already been fully funded and the public will be called upon to participate in it.
“For purposes of monitoring public expenditure management, this information needs to be brought out so as to inform citizens of what is happening and to keep the debate on the findings of the Auditor General’s report alive,” Mr Lungu said in a statement yesterday.
He said citizens will not only be kept informed about what is actually happening but the programme will also keep pressure on those that need to take action on these issues to act.
Mr Lungu said TIZ shall attend PAC meetings at the National Assembly in Lusaka and write follow-up letters to controlling officers demanding the full extent of action taken.
He said later, TIZ shall decide to publish these letters in the media to put pressure for action.
Mr Lungu said TIZ shall produce brief summaries called `Show me the money’ to demonstrate public funds not accounted for.
Meanwhile, Mr Mwale said in an interview that if the publishing of the names will be a deterrent, then the decision should be supported.
“TIZ is a credible organisation internationally and if they have done their homework and have found out that this can work, then they have support from PAC,” he said.
Mr Mwale said there is need to reduce corruption among public workers and that shaming them in the press could be the only way out.
He said it is unfortunate that the trend of public workers being cited in the Auditor General’s report keeps resurfacing annually without much being done to curtail re-occurrence.
Mr Mwale said public funds must be safeguarded at all costs and all those found wanting should be taken to task.


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