2)–Scott applauds mining sector

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Scott applauds mining sector

Lusaka, June 24, 2014,ZANIS…Vice President Dr Guy Scott has praised the Mining Sector in the country for contributing hugely to the  economic development of  Zambia.

Dr Scott said the role the mining sector is performing in this area of development cannot  be left un  noticed.

The Vice President was speaking today when he officially opened the Zambia International Mining and Energy Conference  and Exhibition  meeting at government Complex in Lusaka.

He said although the working  relationship with the mining sector  is conduce and beneficial, there is need  for more to be done to harmonise some of the  mining legal laws for proper existence between government and the mining community in Zambia.

He said the Zambian community needs to benefit  from the minerals being extracted by the mining firms as part of their corporate social responsibility.

Dr Scott said there is huge mining activities in North -Western Province being  done where thousands of jobs have been created by the mines through working with the government of the day.

He said the nation is hugely dependent on the copper mining sector to steer its economic prosperity.

Speaking at the same event Energy and Water Development Minister Christopher Yaluma  said mining was  a corner stone of national development for the benefit of the citizens.

Mr Yaluma said this was the reason why government was eager to have a sound and beneficial working relationship with the mining fraternity in Zambia.

He stated that Zambia will be able to meet the target of  1.5 million tonnes of copper extracted in the next few years.


Mr Yaluma hinted that thousand of jobs have been created since government started opening  up  the mining sector citing North Western Province as the best example.


And  President of  the  Chamber of Mines in Zambia Emmanuel Mutati said  the improvement in the copper production will no doubt benefit the Zambian people in the coming years.

Mr Mutati said the production  rate of copper  in Zambia has been increasing annually although there is need  for to be done .

He noted that with support of government and other co-operating partners   Zambia will be able to increase its copper and other mineral production.


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