Suspected adulterer stabbed to death by husband for affair with his wife

stabbed to death
stabbed to death

A MAN of Sianamunyama village in Kazungula has allegedly stabbed a 33-year-old man of the same area to death on suspicion that he was having an affair with his wife.
Southern Province deputy commissioner of police Milner Muyambango confirmed yesterday that the incident happened last Monday around 20:00 hours.

Mr Muyambango named the deceased as Steward Filasi while the suspect has been identified as Vincent Sibongo.
“We have launched a manhunt for Sibongo of Chief Musokotwane’s area in Kazungula for the murder of Mr Filasi, whom he accused of having an affair with his wife,” Mr Muyambango said.
He said police sent a pathologist to conduct a post-mortem on Mr Filasi’s body at the scene.
Mr Muyambango said police are still awaiting the results of the post-mortem.
Meanwhile, a 54-year-old man of Sinazongwe is nursing a bullet wound after being shot by an unknown person on Friday.
Mr Muyambango identified the victim as Rodger Siabowa of Simumpande and that the incident happened around 20:00 hours.
Mr Siabowa sustained injuries on the left shoulder.
“We received an attempted murder case in which Mr Siabowa of Sinazongwe was shot in the shoulder by an unknown person, who used an unknown firearm. This is a Karavina-type of case,” Mr Muyambango said in reference to an obscure terror group.
Police have launched a manhunt for the suspects.
And a 29-year-old man of Livingstone has allegedly committed suicide after leaving a note in which he apologised to his wife.
Christone Mbuye, of Indeco Extension, allegedly committed suicide between Tuesday and Wednesday by drinking a poisonous substance while his wife was away.
Mr Muyambango said the body was found by neighbours on June 18 around 13:00 hours.
The suicide note read: “I am sorry my wife, lovely Hellen. Love you always.”

Zambia Daily Mail


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