Man found dead in Chamba Valley, face down


POLICE in Lusaka yesterday picked up a body of an unidentified man in Mutumbi’s Chamba Valley area.
The body, which was discovered by the residents around 06:00 hours, was found in nearby bushes.

Mutumbi area chairperson Chris Sichilongo said he was called around 06:10 hours by one of the taxi drivers in the area who found the dead man lying face-down in the nearby bushes.
“When I rushed to the scene, I found the man in the same position and it seemed that he had been beaten, so we thought he could be drunk. But after a while, we realised he was not moving and could be dead. That is when we decided to call Chelstone police,” Mr Sichilongo said.
He said in an interview that the man, who also had a cut on his hand, was not a resident of the area.
“The man is not from here. He could have just been murdered somewhere and dumped here. In fact there has been an increase in crime since the Chibolya clean-up. Most of the thugs are now hiding in this area. It is no longer safe, especially that we do not have a police post,” he said.
Police acting spokesperson Esther Katongo confirmed the incident and said the police picked the body around 08:00 hours.
Police suspect that the man, aged between 35 and 40, was killed elsewhere and the body dumped in Mutumbi.
She appealed to the public to help identify the body, which is in the University Teaching Hospital mortuary.
Meanwhile, three people have died in separate accidents in Eastern and Central provinces.
In Kabwe, Mrs Katongo said a man, only identified as Timothy, who was walking along the road with an ox-cart died on the spot after he was hit by a Toyota Dyna light truck driven by Austin Hatembo, 54.
She said the accident happened on Friday around 18:30 hours on Mukobeko Road in Kabwe.
The driver of the vehicle has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.
In Kapiri Mposhi, a cyclist died on the spot after he was hit by a Toyota Land Cruiser driven by Kennedy Nsama, 36.
The incident happened on Friday around 19:50 hours along Great North Road, about 25kms from Kapiri Mposhi.
Mrs Katongo said the accident happened when the driver was over-taking another vehicle and hit the cyclist, who was changing lanes.
She said the driver has been charged with causing death by dangerous driving.
In Chipata, in a hit-and-run accident, Mrs Katongo said a man identified as Yotum Banda, 37, of Chipata’s Chisitu Stores Referendum died on the spot after he was hit by an unknown motor vehicle.

Zambia Daily Mail