CT scan installed at Ndola Central Hospital


THE installation of the US$1 million state-of-the-art computerised tomography (CT) scan machine at Ndola Central Hospital (NCH) has been completed and the equipment is expected to start operating by next week.

Meanwhile, works to install the US$800,000 CT scan machine at Kitwe Central Hospital are expected to start in the next three weeks.
A CT scan machine is technology that uses computer-processed X-rays to produce tomographic images or virtue slices of specific areas of the scanned object allowing the user to see what is inside it without cutting it open.
Deputy Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya, who inspected the machines at Ndola and Kitwe Central hospitals on Saturday, said CT scan machines are being installed in Ndola, Kitwe, Lusaka and Livingstone.
Dr Chilufya said the installation of the CT scan machines will help to easily diagnose cancer-related illnesses and save huge sums of government funds spent on sending citizens abroad for specialised treatment.
“The installation of the CT scan machines is a milestone for us in the Patriotic Front government under the leadership of President Sata towards meeting our goal of providing quality health as close as possible to the Zambian people,” he said.
Dr Chilufya said the Cancer Diseases Hospital and Livingstone General Hospital have CT scan machines which are already operational.
Dr Chilufya said Mansa and Chipata will receive CT scan machines before the end of the year.
He said the installation of the CT scans is a milestone in the health sector’s diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.
Dr Chilufya said the machines are useful for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes and will help doctors to produce computer-generated images.
Copperbelt Province medical officer Consity Mwale said the provincial administration is proud to receive CT scan machines from Government.
Ndola Central Hospital senior medical superintendent Dande Malawo said the hospital is prepared to start using the CT scan machine and management will conduct training for staff in readiness for the commissioning of the equipment.
Dr Malawo said the hospital will maximise the usage of the machine and hope to attract and treat people from other provinces.
And Kitwe Central Hospital senior medical superintendent John Mwewa said the installation of the CT scan machine will contribute to the provision of quality health care at the referral hospital.


Zambia Daily Mail