— Govt. calls for diversity in farming

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Govt. calls for diversity in farming


Luwingu, 22nd June 2014 -ZANIS – Government has urged farmers to diversify and   invest in other ventures apart from concentrating on maize production which it says has become very costly to produce.



Luwingu acting district commissioner Deodatus Munsungwe says farmers should be encouraged to  grow different types of crops such as fish farming, animal rearing and poultry production.



Mr. Munsungwe said this during this year’s district agriculture tourism and commercial show held at Kapisha school ground held under the theme breaking new grounds and commemorating 50 years of Zambia‘s independence yesterday.



He said this year’s theme also compels farmers to reflect on the successes that they have scored at district, provincial and national levels in the social and economic sectors.



Mr Munsungwe said the agricultural sub-sector particularly in Luwingu district has seen an increase in the area under cultivation progressively on an annual rate that has assured people food security, income and employment in the area.



He said the packs allocated to the district under the farmer input support programme have been increased every year which clearly demonstrates the importance that government attaches to the agricultural sector.



“This has translated in increased asset ownership, improved standard of living, reduction in child malnutrition and increased income just to mention but a few,” he added.



Mr Munsungwe appealed to the cooperative society members to function as neighbourhood watch groups to avoid livestock thefts which have become rampant in our villages and compounds.



He said that this year alone over 200 goats have been stolen by unknown people in Luwingu district adding four have already being arrested after tip off by members of the public.



And Luwingu district show society chairperson Davies Kasenge commended government for increasing the price of maize by k 5.00.



He said the gesture of increasing the price of maize has been highly received by various farmers in the district and the same time appealed to food reserve agency to pay farmers in time to avoid unnecessary delays which normally annoy farmers through the country.



Mr Kasenge further commended government for increasing packs allocation under farmer input support programme which will benefit many vulnerable but viable farmers in the district and the country at large.